1. Venus is the second brightest natural object in the sky.
  2. Venus is sometimes referred to as the “morning star” and “evening star”.
  3. One day on Venus is longer than one year
  4. Venus has no rings
  5. Venus is sometimes called Earth’s sister planet.
  6. Venus has no moons.
  7. Billions of years ago, the climate of Venus may be similar to that of Earth
  8. Venus rotates in the opposite direction to other planets.
  9. Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system with an average surface temperature of 462°C (863°F).
  10. The temperature on Venus doesn’t vary much between the night and day.
  11. The estimated age of the Venusian surface is around 300-400 million years old.
  12. The atmospheric pressure of Venus is 92 times stronger than Earth’s.
  13. Venus has a very weak magnetic field.
  14. Venus is the only planet in the Solar System to be named after a female figure.
  15. Venus orbits the sun in an ellipse, but its orbit is the closest to being a circle out of all the planets
  16. Venus is the closest planet to Earth.
  17. Pressure on Venus is 90 times greater than the pressure at sea level.
  18. One day is longer than a year
  19. Venus has more than 1800 volcanoes on its surface
  20. Venus has winds up to 450 miles per hour